certified public technology leadership programs

The goal of the Certified Public Technology Leadership programs is to provide public sector technology professionals with educational experiences that will enhance their abilities to serve as leaders in their jurisdictions.

Currently two certification programs are being offered: Certified Government Chief Information Officer (CGCIO) and the Certified Public Technology Manager (CPTM). These programs were developed through a partnership between the John Scott Dailey Florida Institute of Government (FIOG) and Florida Local Government Information Systems Association (FLGISA).

CGCIO Certification
The Certified Government Chief Information Officer (CGCIO) Program serves those who are in or who are striving to be in executive leadership positions. It is aimed at CIOs or those functioning in a CIO capacity. This program runs 18 months, beginning in February and concluding in July the following year. This program will have a total of four in-person, one- to two-day work sessions scheduled each February and July during the program cycle.

CPTM Certification
The Certified Public Technology Manager Program (CPTM) serves those in or working toward a team leader, supervisory or managerial role. It is aimed at emerging and current team, departmental and project leaders who wish to expand their management skills. This program runs one year, July to July, and requires three in-person, one- to two-day work sessions held each February and July during the program year.

For more information or to apply for certification, please visit or use the contact information listed below:

CPTL Program Contact:
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Certified Public Technology Leadership
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