The FLGISA provides members with an interactive message board, Discourse, that provides members with opportunities to share information and ask questions from other jurisdictions.


Here are some highlights:

  • Mailing List Support – We know our members like getting questions/answers/topics via email.  This product has Mailing List capabilities, set as default for all new subscribers.  You also get real-time notifications when someone replies to you, quotes you, @mentions you, sends you a private message, or links to your post.
  • Reply by Email – Instead of having to log into the web interface, you can easily reply back to the topic via email.
  • Mobile and Tablet Optimized – Its easy-to-use web interface is indistinguishable from an app, and automatically scales to your device.
  • Social Media-like Abilities – Ability to express agreement and supporting others, by highlighting interesting posts with “likes”.  User profiles can be assigned avatars, and can make use of emoji’s within the content itself.  As with twitter or facebook, you can mention others with @name formats, and when pasting links, they automatically are processed and displayed in expanded format.
  • Gamification – Multiple badges can be earned that encourage positive community behaviors.
  • User Metrics – A public directory that shows various user stats to show who our most avid users are.
  • Attachments – Attachments can be added on any post, or can be collectively maintained in a pinned topic for the subject matter by staff.
  • Polls – Polls can easily be created for the community to vote on.
  • Wiki Capabilities – Certain posts can be marked as “Wiki Posts”, and become editable by any trusted member of the community.
  • Simplicity – Discourse is a simple, straight-forward, modern-looking, easy-to-use forum software.
  • … more features and capabilities are noted here: